26 April, 2012

Unprecedented Anti-Dog, Particularly Anti-Stray Dog Campaign (press release)

Belgrade, 26.10.2011.

Distinguished editors and journalists of printed and electronic media,
Distinguished citizens of Belgrade and Serbia,

It is with the pain in our hearts and disbelief in our souls that we note that the devil is claiming its clue in Belgrade and in the country of Serbia with such “information” presented by the media to their inhabitants.

How is it possible that such a disproportionate room in the media is dedicated primarily to maniacal persecution of dogs and that, on the other hand, the media are not interested in informing the citizens about the almost massive suffering of the dogs in some locations of this city?

POISONING of stray dogs, and of owned dogs as well, and VIOLENCE against them have already become frightening a long time ago, which manifests a serious sign of pathology and disease of the entire society, while at the same time nobody among those paid from the budget is not willing to deal with this issue and the media do not want to report about that?


Personally, my experience of yesterday was that a mentally disordered person, a longstanding patient of a corresponding institution who was discharged by a “responsible” doctor, started threatening me with an enormous metallic sledge-hammer that he will kill me, offending me at the same time most brutally because I am the person who is feeding the stray dogs in the neighborhood?!

Then, under the pretext of having been attacked, that his daughter had been bitten – which is a lie, his daughters are grown-up and nice girls - they even have their own dog, he set out to kill with the sledge hammer the guarded dogs living for years in the neighborhoods and which have never caused any single incident?! Nobody, absolutely nobody wanted to come and help to take away the sledge hammer from him because everybody - believing that his false stories are true, almost had "understanding" for his intent?!

It was only myself who as a woman prevented him from killing a dog who was lying quietly and who was even rejoicing in his presence wagging his tail all the time, while the ill man wanted to hit him on the head. He gripped a little another dog that had not managed to escape.


He was acting wildly for quite some time, I called the police which came but refused to approach him although I told them that the man was really a mentally disordered person and that he is under medical treatment, which I know positively as he lives in the same building with me?!

I insisted that this man, who is aggressive and dangerous, had to be urgently returned to the hospital, however, the police of Mirijevo refused to apply the existing procedure which allows removal of such persons because all activities of the police are focused on the dogs, as usually?! It is not worth mentioning that in question are two criminal acts because we, the citizens, have no one to protect us in this country – everything is destructed, including the police!


This mentally disordered person also attacked a 70-year old neighbor because the latter "did not want to leave his wife alone at the bus stop"(?!), and was threatening to slaughter him sooner or later, although the man had nothing to do with the dogs, unlike me. This only confirms the mental disorder of the mentioned. He was acting savagely all the morning, was hitting the metal posts with the sledge hammer, and nobody was responsible for removing him immediately. If anybody had made a call to report that a dog started barking, even if it were the stars that a dog would bark at, dogcatchers would urgently come and take it away! If a similar accident had happened in any country, not only European, three ambulance cars would have come in five minutes and take such a patient to the appropriate place.


Mental hospitals are full and also are the prisons according to what we hear, tranquilizers will no longer be sold as candies, and the only who remain are we and the stray dogs left to be treated as pariahs by everyone, by the naïve people who believe everything they are told, including the substitution of the thesis that stray dogs are their biggest problem, and not the hunger, general poverty and hopelessness of millions of destroyed human lives.


Someone has intentionally and professionally – impeccably – launched this unprecedented most aggressive anti-stray dog campaign, although the four bites were caused exclusively by owned dogs. Everything has been skillfully attributed to stray dogs: why? Because those who are leading this country have political and any other interest in that area in this pre-election period, whereas the media, instead of being those who control the ruling power together with the political opposition and non-governmental sector, have been transformed in Serbia into a service of the executive power at all levels.

We can even partly understand the political and electoral interest. But, that the price of a political point before the elections has to be the deliberate instigation to violence and endangering of hundreds of lives of people and stray dogs is overly expensive and impermissible. Democracy in Serbia must not transform into electoral tyranny!


I do not accept that my life or the life of anyone else who cares about abandoned animals, or of those who are just walking their dogs on the leash, is endangered because someone has marked us, consciously or unconsciously, and for one’s own interest, as live targets and thus directed all problematic categories of this society, mentally disordered persons, alcoholics, usurpers, addicts and all primitive persons to give vent to their lower instincts on us, including even ordinary citizens indoctrinated by the media who believe that we are "a danger for them” and that by attacking us "they are doing a good thing”! This is the first experience of this kind in my life during my 16-year long care of stray dogs!

This is the reason why we are asking the ruling personalities, but also the media – in the absence of adequate functioning of institutions in this country, to at least show respect for our lives and to bring to end these games that have surpassed all limits as otherwise they can cause an even more serious suffering of the guiltless on all sides.


European initiative 17

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