30 April, 2012

PROTEST zbog nezapamćene represivne politike gradske vlasti prema psima, njihovog progona i patnje širokih razmera ljudi i pasa!

U subotu, 21. aprila 2012. održan je PROTEST zbog nezapamćene represivne politike gradske vlasti prema psima, njihovog progona i patnje širokih razmera ljudi i pasa.

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Dogcatchers’ Safari in New Belgrade – Attack on Human And Dogs’ Life (eyewitness testimony)

On March 13, 2012, animal hygiene team of “Veterina Beograd” (Veterinary Institution responsible for the affairs of public animal hygiene in Belgrade), began the dog clean-up action on the streets of New Belgrade (suburb of Belgrade), on two locations: at the Palace of Serbia (former Federal Executive Council building) and at the former site of the Energoprojekt Company in Spanish soldiers street.

Dogs at the Palace of Serbia used to live on a large construction site nearby, but when work on that site was finished, those dogs migrated to a deserted, unpopulated area near the Palace of Serbia.

They are the descendents of a small group of dogs that survived the massive strychnine poisoning in September of 2005, when “Veterina Beograd”, under the direct orders from the Department of Environmental Protection, got an order to “clean field”. A lawsuit filed by these dogs’ guardians, despite all autopsy, pathology and toxicology findings, as well as statements from witnesses, has not moved any further than the district prosecutor’s office.

For four days, March 13-16, 2012, at the site by the Palace of Serbia, “Veterina Beograd” dispatched 5 brand-new dog-catchers vans fully equipped with rotation lights, swarmed on this group of untrusting but peaceful, healthy and well fed dogs, and chased them through the field, wooded area and the shrubs that these dogs were hiding in. They chased them onto the two busiest four-lane streets, Mihajlo Pupin Boulevard and Nikola Tesla Boulevard. Causing 2 young dogs, on March 13, who were trying to run away from the speeding dog-catcher vans, to run into the heavy traffic on Nikola Tesla Boulevard and end up dead under the wheels of passing vehicles. The dog-catchers were directly responsible for the deaths of those two dogs and threatened the safety and endangered lives of everyone driving on the Boulevard at the time. Aside from the direct attack on the lives of people and dogs, the dog-catchers caused a tremendous trauma to drivers (and everyone in their cars) whose vehicles ended up killing the dogs. Trauma was caused to the people that were on the public transportation bus that was stopped at the traffic light at the time, who watched and were appalled at this horrid and savage campaign. Dog-catchers packed their “pray”, young dogs less than a year-old, into two stationary vans. Older, faster, stronger and more experienced at hiding dogs, resisted a few more days.

On March 16, they arrived at the Palace of Serbia with 2 vehicles, continuing to chase the already traumatized and tortured remaining dogs. With one of their vehicles, they hit the oldest female dog named “Big Mama” and killed her by breaking her neck. The eyewitness Aleksandra Dokic ran to the dead dog and snapped a picture before the dog-catchers removed it. At the scene, two dog guardians, Nada Prokic and Mileta Kusurovic were also present.

After they were done with the hunt at the Palace of Serbia, dog-catchers moved on to an “easier” job at the former site of “Energoprojekt”. This abandoned site housed a group of about 10 dogs, where all but one female were neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped by the “Veterina Beograd” in the Fall of 2011 and earlier. These dogs are untrusting but non-aggressive, well fed and calm. They do not leave the enclosed space of the former site. In the autumn of last year, the guardians of these dogs contacted the dog-catchers, helped them catch the dogs using the blow-darts, had them sterilized in Resnik and returned back to the site. Dogs were returned to their habitat, micro-chipped in the names of guardians who assisted in this action.

And as in 2006, 2007 and 2008, the animal hygiene of Belgrade places a condition of returning all dogs to their previous habitats by forcing their caregivers to become legal guardians and accept all responsibilities of ownership. The difference now from previous decade is that, on September of 2011 City Council adopted the latest Strategy of dealing with non-owner dogs and cats in the City of Belgrade. As a direct executor of this Strategy, “Veterina Beograd” is required to work based on the Strategy guidelines. One of the specific goals of the Strategy is to legalize the street animal guardian status. Quite the opposite, “Veterina Beograd” for months now, has transformed the guardians into owners, thereby negating the purpose of this Strategy, as well as one of the two fundamental methods of the Strategy: Catch-Neuter-Release (CNR). On the other hand, despite the Regulation that recently went into effect (article 36, page 2) and conditions to be met by the animal shelters, “Veterina Beograd” does not inform dog guardians when their dogs have been caught. The whole problem has an economic aspect as well – catching and transporting one guardian dog is 5,500 Dinars (about 55€), one day at the shelter is 460 Dinars (about 4,5€).

On March 13, at “Energoprojekt”, dog-catchers started removal of all already neutered dogs, registered on guardians who feed and care for them. Using the blow-darts, they caught one dog on the first day and one more the next day. On March 15, traumatized but wise remaining dogs hid under some barracks seeking shelter.

When the dog-catchers discovered their hiding place, they started dismantling the barracks, by slamming on the walls and moving the concrete foundations, putting the hiding dogs in direct danger of concrete slabs collapsing on them. Poking and hitting them with wooden planks and iron bars, they forced the dogs from one end to the other, where they waited for them with ropes and wire cables. With a wire cable they caught one of the male dogs – scared and with bleeding head wounds, injected him with tranquilizer and threw him in the van. Since the eyewitnesses were in their way, one of the dog-catchers, Markovic, started insulting and cursing at one of the dog guardians – an elderly lady dressed in bereavement black clothes.

On March 16, another eyewitness Nada Prokic, who is also a dog guardian to several dogs, arrived at this site, previously obtaining permission at the gate to enter. At that moment, dog-catchers were dragging one of the long ago sterilized, a female dog Ema. When they saw Ms. Prokic, all but one (Markovic) dog-catcher stopped and stood there in silence. Markovic started using profanities at Ms. Prokic, screamed “what is she doing here” and called his supervisor at “Veterina Beograd”. He was told to call the police, which he did several times until they arrived at the site. Markovic waited for them at the gate and told them that Ms. Prokic is “interfering with their work”. Ms. Prokic was joined by another eyewitness, dog guardian Mr. Veselinovic, who tried to talk to the police. Entering the site, policemen Trajkovic (badge number 10 56 92), demanded ID cards from both eyewitnesses and asked them both to leave as they are trespassing and explaining that they are there “unannounced and disturbing men at work”. Ms. Prokic told the policemen Trajkovic that they did obtain permission to enter from the site guard, and were there as witnesses of savage dog-catching practice which violating several laws - The Animal Welfare Act, the Law on Veterinary, the European Convention, as well as the Rules of “Veterina Beograd” on how to capture animals. Ms. Prokic, having explained all that, refused to leave the site, but the policemen grabbed her roughly by the arm and, dragging her from the site, pushed her into the police car. The dog-catchers continued their action. Nada Prokic was taken to the police station, where she was held all morning under police guard – she wasn’t allowed to use the bathroom or was given any water. To complete the picture, Nada Prokic is an elderly, small and frail woman, a doctor and a retired professor from the University of Medicine. The other eyewitness, dog guardian Mr. Veselinovic is also a professor at the College of Mining and Geology.

On March 17, one of the dog guardians called Vladimir Terzin, Deputy City Secretary for public utility services, the animal hygiene sector, complaining about the savage handling of dogs by dog-catchers and use of steel rods, hooks and planks....Vladimir Terzin replied “We’ll knock down the barracks if we have to!”

The dog-catchers briefly stopped their “hunt” on March 21 and 22, but then continued their savage persecution of these dogs.

Veterinary Inspection, at the Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, Water and Forestry, responsible for overseeing the implementation and animal welfare, as well as Veterinary Administration, did not respond to any of the numerous letters written by dog guardians, about the Law violations by the “Veterina Beograd”.


The corpse of the oldest bitch named Big Mama. Dog catchers hit her with their car and killed her right at the spot by smashing her neck
The corpse of the oldest bitch named Big Mama. Dog catchers hit her with their car and killed her by breaking her neck.


26 April, 2012

Special War Being Waged Against Dogs (press release)

Belgrade, 27 October 2011

By involving all the most important electronic media in Serbia in a campaign against dogs, in prime time chief informative programs, by continuous broadcasting of videotaped incidents with dogs, including even the act of catching dogs by dogcatchers in Šumice and Dedinje in the period between 11 and 15 October 2011, a dangerous precedent with far-reaching consequences was created in this country.

By broadcasting the act of catching the dogs, electronic media like TV Pink, RTS 1, Studio B TV, B92 TV, TV Avala, and Prva TV have flagrantly and on a continuous basis been violating the Law on Broadcasting, Article 68, points 5 and 6, which they must not have done. To such behavior of theirs, however, nobody has reacted, including the RRA (Republic Broadcasting Agency) although the fine envisaged for such a breach according to the provision of Article 113, point 2, ranges from 300.000 to 1.000.000 dinars. Another breach was committed because the viewers had not been warned about the content that followed which was disturbing for all emotionally sensitive persons. Everything that is shocking for even a little bit civilized world, has become a "normal" system of values in Serbia and is moreover presented in the prime time chief informative programs without any prior warning when dogs are concerned?!

We are really wondering how is all that possible and for how long will it be like that? Oh, yes, we have forgotten the fact that when dogs are at stake everything is allowed to everybody! Is it normal that a non-profit organization of volunteers that cares for stray dogs has also to care for the respect of law in this country and for mental peace of its inhabitants instead that this be done by such a large number of employees in numerous institutions of this country who are for the concrete and similar situations paid from the budget?

A fierce media attack on dogs was carried out although the mentioned bites were caused by owned dogs, and the entire anti-dog campaign was imputed, as has always been the case, to stray dogs; and immediately thereafter "spontaneously" followed an unprecedented organized raid by dogcatchers all over Belgrade, who were working in two shifts catching unselectively all dogs, including those cared for which do not make any trouble to anybody as they have been living for years in the streets without any incident. The biggest absurd is the fact that those who are catching most of such dogs without any appropriate reason and who are condemning them to lifelong detention, used to send them back as tame among people, as recently as yesterday. All of us living in this country know that anyone can treat the dogs in the way that pleases him.

TV companies did not take any statement of any of the NGOs in such a "crucial moment for the entire nation" - because, if the whole of Serbia was alarmed because of the dogs, it would have been logical to hear their voice as well. “EI 17” has offered a statement to TV Pink, as it had been advised about the maltreatment of a small owned dog in Zemun; however, they did not even send us any answer – just to illustrate the communication culture of the TV Company having the highest viewer rating in Serbia. Nobody came to help him, and no matter how it might sound as pure heresy in the present-day boiling situation – the dog was not guilty because there was nobody to prevent what happened! However, these are the topics that, in principle, are not interesting for them. The cardinal rule of journalism to present both sides rarely applies when dogs are concerned.

We were surprised to see the police on recorded to catch the dogs – the policemen that were on strike and who had declared that they would intervene only in the case of criminal offenses?! Is it possible that catching dogs in the streets has become a criminal offense overnight, and in someone’s interest? The police, the authority whose main task is to keep order in any country, is used in Belgrade for catching the puppies?! It was nothing else but demonstration of the horrible force and violence.

Anti-stray dog media campaign launched in 2000 has never ended. Dogs were at that time taken out from complete anonymity and placed under the floodlights of TV cameras and the public to become, by now, unprecedented victims of exploitation and manipulation by the media. It is just the dogs in this society, and no one else, who have been persecuted, and also demonized, continuously and with so much dedication.

The approach to the issue of stray dogs is impermissibly superficial, mainly arbitrary and personal, above all. As responsibility towards citizens is non-existent, they have been deprived of the basic information of the essence of this problem, the measures being taken and of their desirable behavior towards the dogs. Recently, TV Pink made an effort, when broadcasting the catching of dogs around the "Pavle Savid" primary school (well, not for the first time) in Mirijevo, but also of catching the snakes, to invite a snake expert who said that they were not dangerous. However, no dog expert has been invited, as has always been the case! It is deploring and unforgivable that the concern of the media when dogs are in question only ranges from an incident to a bite!

The genesis of each bite is the violence against the dog, and cynophobia the cause of all incidents with them.

Consequently, and taking into account that any campaign against anyone is, actually, a call to lynch someone, the dogs in this case, is it permissible that electronic media of a state that hopes to get the status of candidate for EU membership are calling to violence?

Why is nobody reacting to such public calls to violence: from institutions to authorities to numerous NGOs that are rating high in the media because they are funded from abroad?

Any campaign against someone incites commission of criminal offenses, disturbs the public, causes panic (criminal acts) and, as if it were not sufficient, instills CONSCIENTIOUSLY enormous amounts of fear to citizens of the dogs, thus creating the ideal conditions for a war between men and dogs, which will inevitably lead to a striking increase of the number of bitten citizens and of the number of killed or maltreated dogs. WHOSE GOAL IS THAT, after all?

Let it be clear, bites and incidents with dogs happen in any country and will always happen because life is also made of incidents, as there will also be INCIDENTS WITH DOGS. However, giving so much room in the media, including in the news, is morbid, particularly when the news about the murder of a man or about other suffering of people is broadcasted once and generally not repeated, while the programs dedicated to the incidents with dogs are broadcasted as TV novellas – ad nauseam! Is it normal?

Yes, in Serbia is being waged a special war against dogs because such “reporting” about dogs by the media really has numerous features of the classical: the perfidiousness. Neither citizens nor dogs are aware that they are the target of the attack, everything turns out to have happened naturally (and is, de facto, provoked), the purpose is to change the mental matrix of conscience in a manner adequate to accomplish the goal (destruction of stray dogs) and to conduct the contemplative process of the population. WHO IS STANDING BEHIND SOMETHING SO MONSTROUS IN SERBIA?

Why has someone for so many years been hiding the truth and preventing the citizens from understanding the problem and from learning to live with stray dogs? Why has nobody explained to them that there must be dogs because there are no mechanisms as yet that would prevent inflow of new ones? Why has nobody asked those who are “bothered” by a dog that, by the way, does not cause any trouble to them, if they would prefer someone else unknown to them, instead of the dog, approach and, perhaps, cause them trouble? Why is someone constantly maintaining and supporting the generally widespread misconception that dogs can be eliminated in order to build upon that misconception the conflict between us who love and do not love the dogs? One, then, wonders, how do the media inform us at all?

This intensive elimination of the dogs across Belgrade is nothing else but a pure pre-election farce.

By using the methods applicable in the rest of the world, according to the data of "Veterina Beograd", E17 did an analysis of the bites caused to humans by stray dogs in Belgrade http://evropskainicijativa17.blogspot.com/2011/08/analiza-ujedljivosti-beogradskih.html which shows that in Belgrade, with thousands of stray dogs, annual incidence of dog bites caused to humans is 0,11%, or incomparably less than in the countries not having stray dogs! Why then, and with what right are Belgrade stray dogs demonized in the media – without any supporting facts – and in whose interest?

Well, if for citizens of Serbia the dogs are a problem more serious than their craving for everyday bread and general despair this is, then, a rarely happy country which they failed to become aware of.

As a proof of the above, follows the number of TV programs dedicated to dogs which were broadcasted in a couple of days only, and the number is frightening - worthy of the famous Goebbels propaganda!


European initiative 17


Owned dog attacked a child / dangerous dog breeds:

Date: Tuesday, 11/10/2011 Media: 1 RTS 1 TV, Time: 17:45:00
Country: Serbia Program: Beogradska hronika, Duration: 00:01:09

Date: Tuesday, 11/10/2011 Media: B92 TV, Time: 18:30:00
Country: Serbia Program: News of te Day, Duration: 00:00:48

Date: Tuesday, 11/10/2011 Media: STUDIO B TV Time: 19:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: News, Duration: 00:01:51

Date: Tuesday, 11/10/2011 Media: Prva TV, Time: 19:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: News, Duration: 00:01:15

Date: Tuesday, 11/10/2011 Media: 1 RTS 1 TV, Time: 19:20:00
Country: Serbia Program: Dnevnik 2, Duration: 00:00:37

Date: Tuesday, 11/10/2011 Media: B92 TV, Time: 23:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: News B92, Duration: 00:03:07

Date: Wednesday, 12/10/2011 Media: 1 RTS 1, TV Time: 06:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: Jutarnji program, Duration: 00:06:38

Date: Wednesday, 12/10/2011 Media: STUDIO B TV, Time: 07:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: Beograde, dobro jutro, Duration: 00:02:05

Date: Wednesday, 12/10/2011 Media: Avala TV, Time: 14:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: News, Duration: 00:00:54

Date: Wednesday, 12/10/2011 Media: Happy TV, Time: 18:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: Telemaster, Duration: 00:00:26

Date: Wednesday, 12/10/2011 Media: PINK TV, Time: 19:30:00
Country: Serbia Program: Nacionalni dnevnik, Duration: 00:00:21

Date: Thursday, 13/10/2011 Media: 1 RTS 1 TV, Time: 00:15:00
Country: Serbia Program: Dnevnik 3, Duration: 00:02:05

Date: Friday, 14/10/2011 Media: 1 RTS 1, TV Time: 06:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: Jutarnji program, Duration: 00:02:04

Date: Saturday, 15/10/2011 Media: PINK TV, Time: 07:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: Dobro jutro, Duration: 00:08:24

Date: Monday, 17/10/2011 Media: 1 RTS 1, TV Time: 06:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: Jutarnji program, Duration: 00:01:29

Catching dogs in Šumice/Dedinje:

Date: Wednesday, 12/10/2011 Media: PINK TV, Time: 20:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: Nacionalni dnevnik, Duration: 00:02:28

Date: Wednesday, 12/10/2011 Media: Avala TV, Time: 18:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: News, Duration: 00:01:29

Date: Wednesday, 12/10/2011 Media: 1 RTS 1, TV Time: 17:45:00
Country: Serbia Program: Beogradska hronika, Duration: 00:01:31

Date: Wednesday, 12/10/2011 Media: B92 TV, Time: 18:30:00
Country: Serbia Program: News B92, Duration: 00:02:28

Date: Wednesday, 12/10/2011 Media: STUDIO B TV, Time: 19:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: News, Duration: 00:09:27

Date: Wednesday, 12/10/2011 Media: Prva TV, Time: 19:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: News, Duration: 00:01:51

Date: Wednesday, 12/10/2011 Media: PINK TV, Time: 19:30:00
Country: Serbia Program: Nacionalni dnevnik, Duration: 00:01:14

Date: Wednesday, 12/10/2011 Media: PINK TV, Time: 19:30:00
Country: Serbia Program: Nacionalni dnevnik, Duration: 00:01:17

Date: Wednesday, 12/10/2011 Media: 1 RTS 1 TV, Time: 19:20:00
Country: Serbia Program: Dnevnik 2, Duration: 00:00:38

Date: Thursday, 13/10/2011 Media: PINK TV, Time: 07:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: Dobro jutro, Duration: 00:14:14

Date: Thursday, 13/10/2011 Media: Avala TV, Time: 09:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: Otvoreni studio, Duration: 00:01:49

Date: Thursday, 13/10/2011 Media: STUDIO B TV, Time: 07:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: Beograde, dobro jutro, Duration: 00:06:44

Date: Thursday, 13/10/2011 Media: PINK TV, Time: 17:40:00
Country: Serbia Program: Nacionalni dnevnik, Duration: 00:00:45

Date: Thursday, 13/10/2011 Media: Prva TV, Time: 19:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: News, Duration: 00:02:00

Date: Thursday, 13/10/2011 Media: PINK TV, Time: 19:30:00
Country: Serbia Program: Nacionalni dnevnik, Duration: 00:00:47

Date: Saturday, 15/10/2011 Media: PINK TV, Time: 19:30:00
Country: Serbia Program: Nacionalni dnevnik, Duration: 00:00:43

Owned dog in Zemun:

Date: Saturday, 15/10/2011 Media: B92 TV, Time: 16:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: News B92, Duration: 00:01:38

Date: Saturday, 15/10/2011 Media: Avala TV, Time: 18:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: News, Duration: 00:00:41

Date: Saturday, 15/10/2011 Media: Prva TV, Time: 19:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: News, Duration: 00:02:02

Date: Saturday, 15/10/2011 Media: 1 RTS 1 TV, Time: 19:20:00
Country: Serbia Program: Dnevnik 2, Duration: 00:01:36

Date: Saturday, 15/10/2011 Media: 1 RTS 1 TV, Time: 19:20:00
Country: Serbia Program: Dnevnik 2, Duration: 00:01:36

Protest against Anti-Dog Campaign:

Date: Sunday, 16/10/2011 Media: Avala TV, Time: 18:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: News, Duration: 00:01:20

Date: Sunday, 16/10/2011 Media: Prva TV, Time: 19:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: News, Duration: 00:01:16

Date: Sunday, 16/10/2011 Media: 1 RTS 1, TV Time: 19:30:00
Country: Serbia Program: Dnevnik 2, Duration: 00:02:03

Date: Sunday, 16/10/2011 Media: B92 TV, Time: 16:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: News B92, Duration: 00:02:03

Date: Sunday, 16/10/2011 Media: B92 TV, Time: 18:30:00
Country: Serbia Program: News B92, Duration: 00:02:03

Date: Sunday, 16/10/2011 Media: STUDIO B TV, Time: 19:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: News, Duration: 00:03:23

Date: Monday, 17/10/2011 Media: Avala TV, Time: 09:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: Otvoreni studio, Duration: 00:02:28

Date: Monday, 17/10/2011 Media: STUDIO B TV, Time: 07:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: Beograde, dobro jutro, Duration: 00:03:35

Announcing Law Amendments

Date: Tuesday, 18/10/2011 Media: 1 RTS 1 TV, Time: 17:45:00
Country: Serbia Program: Beogradska hronika, Duration: 00:02:04

Date: Wednesday, 19/10/2011 Media: 1 RTS 1 TV, Time: 06:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: Jutarnji program, Duration: 00:02:08

Recorded Dog Catching in Šumice and Dedinje:

Date: Wednesday, 12/10/2011 Media: PINK TV, Time: 17:40:00
Country: Serbia Program: Nacionalni dnevnik, Duration: 00:02:28

Date: Wednesday, 12/10/2011 Media: 1 RTS 1 TV, Time: 17:45:00
Country: Serbia Program: Beogradska hronika, Duration: 00:01:31

Date: Wednesday, 12/10/2011 Media: STUDIO B TV, Time: 19:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: News, Duration: 00:09:27

Date: Wednesday, 12/10/2011 Media: PINK TV, Time: 19:30:00
Country: Serbia Program: Nacionalni dnevnik, Duration: 00:01:14

Date: Thursday, 13/10/2011 Media: PINK TV, Time: 07:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: Dobro jutro, Duration: 00:14:14

Date: Thursday, 13/10/2011 Media: STUDIO B TV, Time: 07:00:00
Country: Serbia Program: Beograde, dobro jutro, Duration: 00:06:44

Date: Thursday, 13/10/2011 Media: PINK TV, Time: 17:40:00
Country: Serbia Program: Nacionalni dnevnik, Duration: 00:00:45

Date: Thursday, 13/10/2011 Media: PINK TV, Time: 19:30:00
Country: Serbia Program: Nacionalni dnevnik, Duration: 00:00:47

Date: Saturday, 15/10/2011 Media: PINK TV, Time: 19:30:00
Country: Serbia Program: Nacionalni dnevnik, Duration: 00:00:43

Dog catching on TV!


Version in Serbian

Unprecedented Anti-Dog, Particularly Anti-Stray Dog Campaign (press release)

Belgrade, 26.10.2011.

Distinguished editors and journalists of printed and electronic media,
Distinguished citizens of Belgrade and Serbia,

It is with the pain in our hearts and disbelief in our souls that we note that the devil is claiming its clue in Belgrade and in the country of Serbia with such “information” presented by the media to their inhabitants.

How is it possible that such a disproportionate room in the media is dedicated primarily to maniacal persecution of dogs and that, on the other hand, the media are not interested in informing the citizens about the almost massive suffering of the dogs in some locations of this city?

POISONING of stray dogs, and of owned dogs as well, and VIOLENCE against them have already become frightening a long time ago, which manifests a serious sign of pathology and disease of the entire society, while at the same time nobody among those paid from the budget is not willing to deal with this issue and the media do not want to report about that?


Personally, my experience of yesterday was that a mentally disordered person, a longstanding patient of a corresponding institution who was discharged by a “responsible” doctor, started threatening me with an enormous metallic sledge-hammer that he will kill me, offending me at the same time most brutally because I am the person who is feeding the stray dogs in the neighborhood?!

Then, under the pretext of having been attacked, that his daughter had been bitten – which is a lie, his daughters are grown-up and nice girls - they even have their own dog, he set out to kill with the sledge hammer the guarded dogs living for years in the neighborhoods and which have never caused any single incident?! Nobody, absolutely nobody wanted to come and help to take away the sledge hammer from him because everybody - believing that his false stories are true, almost had "understanding" for his intent?!

It was only myself who as a woman prevented him from killing a dog who was lying quietly and who was even rejoicing in his presence wagging his tail all the time, while the ill man wanted to hit him on the head. He gripped a little another dog that had not managed to escape.


He was acting wildly for quite some time, I called the police which came but refused to approach him although I told them that the man was really a mentally disordered person and that he is under medical treatment, which I know positively as he lives in the same building with me?!

I insisted that this man, who is aggressive and dangerous, had to be urgently returned to the hospital, however, the police of Mirijevo refused to apply the existing procedure which allows removal of such persons because all activities of the police are focused on the dogs, as usually?! It is not worth mentioning that in question are two criminal acts because we, the citizens, have no one to protect us in this country – everything is destructed, including the police!


This mentally disordered person also attacked a 70-year old neighbor because the latter "did not want to leave his wife alone at the bus stop"(?!), and was threatening to slaughter him sooner or later, although the man had nothing to do with the dogs, unlike me. This only confirms the mental disorder of the mentioned. He was acting savagely all the morning, was hitting the metal posts with the sledge hammer, and nobody was responsible for removing him immediately. If anybody had made a call to report that a dog started barking, even if it were the stars that a dog would bark at, dogcatchers would urgently come and take it away! If a similar accident had happened in any country, not only European, three ambulance cars would have come in five minutes and take such a patient to the appropriate place.


Mental hospitals are full and also are the prisons according to what we hear, tranquilizers will no longer be sold as candies, and the only who remain are we and the stray dogs left to be treated as pariahs by everyone, by the naïve people who believe everything they are told, including the substitution of the thesis that stray dogs are their biggest problem, and not the hunger, general poverty and hopelessness of millions of destroyed human lives.


Someone has intentionally and professionally – impeccably – launched this unprecedented most aggressive anti-stray dog campaign, although the four bites were caused exclusively by owned dogs. Everything has been skillfully attributed to stray dogs: why? Because those who are leading this country have political and any other interest in that area in this pre-election period, whereas the media, instead of being those who control the ruling power together with the political opposition and non-governmental sector, have been transformed in Serbia into a service of the executive power at all levels.

We can even partly understand the political and electoral interest. But, that the price of a political point before the elections has to be the deliberate instigation to violence and endangering of hundreds of lives of people and stray dogs is overly expensive and impermissible. Democracy in Serbia must not transform into electoral tyranny!


I do not accept that my life or the life of anyone else who cares about abandoned animals, or of those who are just walking their dogs on the leash, is endangered because someone has marked us, consciously or unconsciously, and for one’s own interest, as live targets and thus directed all problematic categories of this society, mentally disordered persons, alcoholics, usurpers, addicts and all primitive persons to give vent to their lower instincts on us, including even ordinary citizens indoctrinated by the media who believe that we are "a danger for them” and that by attacking us "they are doing a good thing”! This is the first experience of this kind in my life during my 16-year long care of stray dogs!

This is the reason why we are asking the ruling personalities, but also the media – in the absence of adequate functioning of institutions in this country, to at least show respect for our lives and to bring to end these games that have surpassed all limits as otherwise they can cause an even more serious suffering of the guiltless on all sides.


European initiative 17

Version in Serbian

The Continuity of Fraud and Deception of the Belgrade Authorities

Belgrade is very specific in relation to the rest of Serbia because back in 2002, the French „Brigitte Bardot Foundation“ conducted a campaign of mass neutering/spaying of street dogs and thus established for the first time, not only in Belgrade but also in Serbia, CNR (catch-neuter-release) system as the only truly humane system of solving the problem in the long run, making him the method that even World Health Organization recommends and which is inevitable transitional period in the resolution of the problem of dogs on the streets, along with the introduction of systematic mechanisms for its suppression. On that occasion, FBB has sterilized 900 Belgrade street dogs. However, although the Republic of Serbia approved the arrival of the FBB and the pilot project, i.e. the introduction of CNR system, and Belgrade pledged not to catch CNR dogs, BB dogs, and subsequently signed the appropriate document – "The document of good intentions", the City began to catch dogs immediately after FBB departure, even those BB dogs, and took them to Ovcha facility to be killed although they were neutered and peaceful! These dogs were marked by a tattoo number and a blue collar around their neck and in that way they were, even from the far, very obvious and recognizable to the dog catchers.

If the local coordinators (associates) of the FBB hadn’t opposed Belgrade’s deception and murder, forming the organization "European Initiative 17”, all BB dogs would have been killed, and it is likely that the CNR would never come to life in Belgrade. The fight was terrible and debilitating, as is any fight for the animals in this country. Authorities cheated, lied, typed the wrong addresses from which the dogs were captured, horrible media campaign was conducted, they enlarged number of dogs in the streets and, at one point, banned taking dogs from the Ovcha, which meant complete liquidation of the dogs, but also of the CNR in Belgrade.

Then the "European Initiative 17" decided to organize a protest rally in Belgrade, on 13th December 2003, at 12.00 at the Republic Square, on the eve of the elections, a protest for the dogs’ right to life and for removing the embargo on taking dogs from the Ovcha. At the protest there were over 700 people. Although the City backed off a bit, the struggle continued fiercely until the end of 2004, when the pressure of the City eased and when we succeeded to prevent them from taking CNR dogs, as they were neutered and peaceful, which was more or less respected from 2005 to 2008. This is the only period of relative peace. Reports on the dogs were sent to us for a check though the danger of us being deceived was always lurking. But thanks to all of this, many dogs, not only BB dogs, had the opportunity to live to old age although the City carried out the euthanasia.

Isn’t the similarity in many aspects to the present situation obvious? It seems that all of us to constantly fight against the City leaders and their policies that have never been in the public interest: Is this normal?

The question here is, where would we be today if the City of Belgrade hadn’t killed a single CNR dog as the solution of the problem and reduction of dog population in the streets?

Belgrade is also specific in that, for these ten years, there has been the movement developed and habit among a large number of citizens to use their own funds, not only for taking care of these dogs, but also for neutering them, which is not the case in any other town in Serbia.

Over the last nine years Belgrade has practiced the CNR system, but as a political decision (enacted in 2002, then confirmed the 2006 by late Mayor Bogdanovic, and later in 2008), which, however, was not confirmed by adopting proper legal City act. All these years the position of all of us who care about street dogs has been discriminatory because we were misled (constantly expecting for City authorities to fulfill the promise they made – to legalize CNR), while in practice one call against the dog was enough to remove him from the streets although the dog didn’t do anything to anybody, and with that all our efforts and emotions would be annulled, without any basis and purpose. To be truly engaged and to invest our own efforts and resources, and not have any rights and to live in constant fear presents not only the grossest discrimination, but abuse of us, the human beings.

It is well known fact that in every town in Serbia dogs have always served for the purpose of making illegal money by the local authorities who have not been under any control. Even in Belgrade, the local authorities used to neuter dogs with money from the budget and then they would kill them, also with money from the budget.

Although we have endured years of pain and discrimination and despite the promises made by the new City authorities (2008) that CNR will be legally and officially confirmed, they ventured out on, so far the most massive crime against the dogs, through the most perfidious trick that was well planned and is implemented gradually, which is contrary not only to the Animal Welfare Law, but to all other laws of the Republic of Serbia! Specifically, the City decided to conduct gradual liquidation of dogs in a way that will deceive the public: without any objective reason – firstly, there is CNR, secondly, Belgrade CNR dogs are not aggressive, they are friendly and socialized (the percentage of street dog bites on an annual basis is insignificant compared to the number of inhabitants and dogs in the streets – 2009: 0.09%, 2010: 0, 11%, this is much below the percentages in countries which have no street dogs) – and in the midst of the economic crisis and in a heavily indebted country, the authorities built shelters for more than 3000 dogs, one with the capacity for more than 1000 dogs, while continuing to build other shelters. For this purpose, the authorities are using the facilities of the former Yugoslav agricultural combine PKB (now shelter Kovilovo) and Agricultural & Industry Combine Zemun (PIK Zemun).

We are not aware that any country in recent times on European continent dared to maintain thousands of dogs in one place, because it is well known that such conducts represents horrible torture and silent and delayed death of dogs, which is already happening en masse, but far from the public eye.

Such a decision was presented to the ignorant public as „humane“, because people don’t understand the problem, while the media blockade has denied us the right of addressing the public. This decision of the City authorities is in contrast with the Animal Welfare Law: welfare cannot be ensured in such conditions, rules on shelters and on the training of the personnel in animal welfare weren’t adopted, NGOs did not take part in making this decision, not even the Program for control and reduction of the stray animal population (Serbian Animal Welfare Law, Article 54) is adopted and so on, culminating with the authorities insisting in the media that everything is according to the European standards?!

Outright dictatorship has been introduced: there are two shifts of dog-catchers that the public knows nothing about; dogs are taken away without any criteria. No one, not even representatives of NGOs can enter the shelter in Resnik. They do not reply to letters, the officials of the public company Veterina Beograd[1] are not allowed to communicate: no one has the insight and there are no institutions that would control the situation! And for comparison, since 2006, although such legal obligation didn’t exist, it was possible for organization to have their own observers in Ovcha.

On top of this, on 21 September 2011, the City authorities adopted a Strategy in which have pledged to legalize CNR, but in practice they are brutally violating it far from the eyes of the citizens, by applying the most terrific methods: emotional and financial blackmailing of the dog guardians, including NGOs, coercion and threats! Releasing of dogs from the shelter is conditioned with forced “adoption”, i.e. people are forced to sign an adoption contract and they are threatened that they will pay a fine of 500 Euros if they return the dog back on the street. Street dogs that the City had chipped on their guardians before, are treated as owner’s dogs, and without a shred of conscience they charge impoverished citizens 55 Euros for caching the dog and 4,5 Euros per day of stay in the shelter! The City authorities are brutally removing all administrative traces of their own CNR that they applied until recently, doing that at the sole expense of the citizens, while making money from them (?!). This is really a PRECEDENT – as much as we were deceived by the City authorities in the past, we never had this kind of legal violence and deprivation of rights!

How can the Democratic Party (DS), that presents itself to the Serbian and foreign public as the only political force in the Serbia’s European path who provided Serbia EU candidate status behave in such a way? This kind of terror did not exist even in the times of communism!

Legal violence, blackmail, threats and extortion of money, certainly aren’t democratic values, let alone Europe’s!

CNR – objectively – as an interim solution, has no alternative in Belgrade and if we want to work in the public interest and in the interest of the citizens. CNR is the only viable and sustainable solution for the City because there are no costs, as NGOs and other independent guardians care for dogs and the only method that through process brings reduction of dog population, and we are close to achieving that since in Belgrade dogs have been neutered for years and recently has had a noticeable decline in the inflow of new dogs. With aforementioned decision, the City authorities are annulling a huge financial and human investment, taking us back to ZERO: as if no one ever worked on solving the problem, which must not be allowed!

As Belgrade in 2003 wanted with its irresponsible move to cancel a major investment both material and nonmaterial, and RESISTANCE prevented that, unfortunately today, in 2012, almost the same thing is happening and the City has almost succeeded in their intentions. So the question is how long are we going to allow frivolous and incompetent political party cadres not to do the job for which they receive a salary from the taxpayers' money and how long are we going to allow them not to work on the cause, i.e. the system itself. Until that happens the dogs will always get hurt on the pretext that they have "a problem" and that they "need" to do this or that, when in fact the only guilty party are the authorities themselves!

We believe that this non-institutional “decision” by the City authorities is motivated by the forthcoming elections. By boasting about removing the dogs from the streets and “adopting” them and “punishing” unconscientious owners, they are pretending that they are solving the problem, when actually they devised to throw the guilt on the CNR dogs and their guardians, who were blackmailed, while the real culprits (unconscientious owners) will be bypassed again! This has never happened before!

The truth is the other way around: in a situation where there is no single instrument for the implementation of the Animal welfare law, and therefore for the prevention of causes for the existence of street dogs, i.e. their abandoning, it is certainly not in the interest of solving the problem that the CNR dogs be removed and it is also not in the interest of the safety of citizens because new untreated and not socialized dogs, which can maybe be a threat, will soon take place of the removed ones. We believe that the plan is to bring new dogs to fill in the space of the dead dogs in shelters, and in that way Belgrade will be killing dogs, but slowly, so that it will not even look like killing!

The Serbian society is overwhelmed with violence. Violence against animals is not only tolerated, but it is encouraged through the media by calling to dog lynch, so it has reached unbearable dimensions. Dogs are mutilated, poisoning of dogs is widespread and has become the number one social problem. However, City authorities are not interested, just as they are not interested in the fact that citizens are freely handling toxic substances, as if they were candy. There is not a single regulated and civilized state where this would be possible. In spite of the excellent laws, no one, including the police and the prosecutors, are abiding by them in the case of dogs. They do not even react to violence of people over dogs?! Dogs are dying on Belgrade balconies as a result of negligence and starvation and no one is reacting?! If this kind of a conduct of the authorities resembles the conduct of EU bodies and institutions, then we have no comment!

From our press releases that haven’t been published, we can see that all laws are flagrantly violated, and that when the dogs are concerned, not only the street dogs, everyone is allowed to do anything: to freely kill (even though it’s a criminal offense), to maim and torture them, the journalists are allowed to lie and NOTHING HAPPENS! Dogs, street or owned, and the people behind them, are the most persecuted in this society, and one wonders whether Serbia has more important problems and how this is possible in a country that has adopted anti-discrimination law, and was granted EU candidate status.

We cannot take it anymore that the City authorities do what they want with us and with dogs, instead of doing what they have legal responsibility and for which they are paid from the budget. Dogs that they are supposed to catch they are leaving to us, and they catch the ones that they should not! Powerlessness and complete disenfranchisement, which we are exposed to, are more than unbearable, and we wonder how long we will all be held hostage by incapable and uninterested people.

From everything that is said, one is bound to conclude that the authorities are the only ones to blame for decades of continuous dog suffering. Because of their failure to act and work on the cause, they have been exposing dogs to such a fate and then they have been always using them for their own purposes and interests!

European initiative 17

[1] Veterinary Institution "Veterina Beograd" is an institution responsible for the affairs of public animal hygiene in Belgrade. "Veterina Beograd" is under the jurisdiction of the Department of animal hygiene, City Secretariat for Utilities and Housing Services of City of Belgrade, who takes care of and provides conditions for operation of institutions and shelters for animals in their composition and exercises control and constant supervision of their work.



Version in Serbian

21 April, 2012

Saopštenje za novinare povodom P R O T E S T A zbog nezapamćene represivne politike gradske vlasti prema psima, njihovog progona i patnje širokih razmera ljudi i pasa

Beograd, 21.04.2012.

Ne pamtimo da se ovakva sila ikada obrušila na sve nas koji volimo pse! Nikada nismo u ovoj sredini bili ravnopravni: diskriminisani smo, a psi satanizovani. No, uprkos takvom stanju, sve dosadašnje gradske garniture su se trudile da vode, koliko toliko, uravnoteženu politiku, nisu poštovale pse, ali su zato cenile naš trud i žrtvu za njih, a to je bilo dovoljno da brojni psi dožive duboku starost na ulicama Beograda i provedu lep i srećan život, iako nijedan zakon nije štitio ni nas, ni njih...

Danas, odvode te iste stare pse, iako imamo zakone koji nas štite! Doživeli smo da budemo pregaženi, kao da ni ne postojimo i nismo ljudi, poniženi i suočeni sa nasiljem za koje nismo verovali ni da postoji! Grad je dao nalog da se neselektivno – svaki pas koga šinteri vide – hvata i odvodi u nepovrat jer ih vode u megalomanske logore koje su brzinom svetlosti sagradili, kao da se radi o najvišem stepenu opasnosti po državu! Ne možemo, a da se ne zapitamo o čemu se, zapravo, tu radi?

Beograd nije običan grad po ovom pitanju jer punih deset godina ima sistem „uhvati-steriliši i pusti“ (CNR), koji je itekako zaživeo jer se razvio veliki pokret brige o psima kod brojnih sugrađana koji svojim sredstvima brinu o njima. Ljubav se rodila obostrano, navika i ti psi su postali veliki mezimci brojnih porodica i dece. Ali nam neko ne da ni to malo sreće, jer je naredio cunami, agresivno i baš brutalno se ruši i briše sve ono što je postojalo čitavu deceniju?! Niko nije očekivao ovakav knock down, a kao posle svakog udarca, ljudi koji ih vole su se porazboljevali, dobijali infarkte, deca plaču za njima... ali, uzalud, jer onaj ko treba, ne mari!

Ovo je grom iz vedra neba jer nikada ovako nešto niko nije radio, a niko nije ni očekivao jer se Grad septembra 2011, nakon decenije naše tlapnje i „ilegale“, obavezao usvajanjem Strategije da će zatečeni sistem CNR pravno potvrditi: kako je onda sve prethodno moguće? Gde je tu moral i odgovornost?

Nad Beogradom se nadvila tuga, ali niko ko nije u tome nju ne vidi. Uvedene su dve smene šintera, kupljeno sijaset novih šinterskih vozila, radi se čak i vikendom (?!), ako ne i za Uskrs (?!), zaposleno je na desetine, ako ne i stotine novih radnika, stavljena su rotaciona svetla na šinterski kombi, svuda rampe na ulaze u objekte, uvedeno je obezbeđenje, čak i magnetne kartice: da se nismo zbunili, da li sve ovo ima veza sa psima ili sa nečim drugim?

Svi živimo u strahu da naš pas sledeći put kada budemo izašli tu više neće biti: takav stres je opasan po zdravlje – ko ima pravo da narušava zdravlje sugrađanima?

Jedina „prepreka“ ovakvom mračnom planu su ljudi (staratelji) koji brinu o njima. Ali i to je „rešeno“ jer su jednostrano od strane „Veterine Beograd“ proglašeni za „vlasnike“ tih pasa, te bez trunke griže savesti i morala, naplaćuje im svoje „usluge“: hvatanje psa 5500,00 dinara i 460,00 po danu boravka u njenom objektu?! Tako smo doživeli da šnterska služba, osnovana da ide na teren, naplaćuje građanima 1000,00 za „izlazak“ na teren (?!), ali i 1500,00 za „izgubljeno vreme“, sa čime se sretosmo prvi put!

Ali kao da sve prethodno nije dovoljno, VU VB pokreće prekršajne postupke zbog „napuštanja“ psa protiv ljudi koji su brinuli o uličnima?! Kraj nije ni blizu jer kazna je do 50.000,00 dinara! Pri svemu tome, VU VB kupi naše pse, ali sama izbacuje, međutim po obodima Beograda?! Da ih seljaci motkama dotuku ako ih ne otruju: zar je to humano?

Ovo je pogrom bez presedana u istoriji Beograda, ali još je strašnije što sam čelnici Grada napisaše i usmeno potvrdiše da sve to ne služi ničemu?! Naime, kažu da azili nisu rešenje, kao što i nisu, pa zašto onda to rade? Kažu da će na mesta tih dobrih i sterilisanih pasa, ubrzo doći novi i to je tačno, pa zašto to onda rade? Kažu i zapisaše da je koncept megalomanskih azila za hiljade pasa neodrživ, ne samo ekonomski, već i zdravstveno (jer psi oboljevaju u takvim uslovima), te da se neminovno završavaju eutanazijom svih pasa, što je takođe tačno: pa zašto onda to rade?

Koliko košta poreske obveznike Beograda ova megalomanija od pet izgrađenih azila (još najavljuju nove?!) do enormne, nikad viđene ni u svetu, šinterske mašinerije?

Zašto se toliki novac troši za nešto za šta se unapred zna, čak i kaže, da je propala investicija? Da li je to normalno? Svakako nije!

Sve prethodno je na granici zakonitosti jer Beograd nije doneo ni Program za kontrolu i smanjenje populacije pasa, što je bio dužan jer je to zakonska obaveza po članu 54. Zakona o dobrobiti. „Odluka“ o sklanjanju svih pasa je USMENA jer nam je to potvrđeno odgovorom koji smo dobili. Azili su napravljeni i psi u njih natrpani pre nego je donet novi Pravilnik o prihvatilištima. Zaposleni su ljudi koji nisu prošli obuku iz dobrobiti, a to je zakonska obaveza za sve koji rade sa životinjama, itd. Od sijaset članova Zakona, izvukoše par koji im služe za ovakav monstruzni naum, a sve druge krše! Ali to ih ne sprečava da se pozivaju na Zakon i da svima nama „uvode red“?! Na pudlicama treniraju strogoću?! Da li je to taj „red“?

Brutalnošću i nasiljem odiše svaki njihov korak, a onda se mi optužimo da je Protest politički obojen?! Ako neko u sred izborne kampanje sprovodi ovakav teror i diktaturu, a neko se pobuni, onda je to„politički“?!

Nikom ne polažu računa ni za šta, mediji se „ne mešaju“, znamo i zašto, a mi se pitamo da li mi postojimo radi njih, ili bi trebalo oni nama da služe?

O transparentnosti ne može biti govora, vaninstitucionalno odlučivanje je način upravljanja, a nikome njihove namere i planovi nisu poznati?!

Preostaje nam samo da se pitamo da li su uošte čuli ua EU i znaju li oni šta je to?

Kažu da su odšete za ujede veliko opterećenje za budžet, nismo sigurni, no da li je moguće da sve ovo što rade manje košta?

Da zaključimo, od 1.6.2011. do 26.12.2011. 265 pasa je uginulo u njihovim objektima, a tu cifru svakako treba uvećati, bez da ih je iko ubio. Svega 211 pasa je 2011. boravilo u Ovči po rešenju za ozledu, što je objektivno zanemarljivo.

Ovo je zločin prema psima i njihova likvidacija, ali i prema nesrećnim ljudima, ničim izazvan, bez svrhe i cilja, te bi zaista trebalo da objasne javnosti o čemu se radi u stvari?

Dotle, gledaćemo agresivne TV priloge o „efikasnoj“ i „humanoj“ politici Grada koja „rešava“ problem pasa! Nema ni „h“ od humanosti, ni prema ljudima, a kamoli prema psima!

20 April, 2012

Mali vremeplov – kontinuitet prevare i obmane beogradskih vlasti

Beograd je veoma specifičan u odnosu na ostatak Srbije jer je još 2002. francuska Fondacija Brižit Bardo sprovela kampanju masovne sterilizacije uličnih pasa i na taj način uspostavila po prvi put, ne samo u Beogradu, već i u Srbiji, sistem CNR (catch-neuter-relaese), kao jedini istinski human zbog čega jedino njega Svetska zdravstvena organizacija preporučuje i koji je nezaobilazni prelazni period u rešavanju problema pojave pasa na ulicama uz uvođenje sistemskih mehanizama za njeno suzbijanje. Tom prilikom, FBB je sterilisala 900 beogradskih uličnih pasa. Međutim, iako je Republika odobrila dolazak FBB i sam pilot projekat, uvođenje CNR sistema, a Beograd se obavezao da neće hvatati te prve CNR pse, BB pse, te shodno tome potpisao odgovarajući dokument – "Dokument o dobrim namerama", Grad je, odmah po odlasku FBB, počeo da hvata i odvodi u Ovču, čak i te BB pse, da bi bili ubijeni, iako su sterilisani i miroljubivi! Ti psi su bili obeleženi tetovir brojem i plavom trakom oko vrata, dakle, vizuelno i iz daleka bili su itekako prepoznatljivi za šintere.

Da se lokalni koordinatori (saradnici) FBB nisu usprotivili prevari Grada i ubijanju, formirajući Udruženje "Evropska inicijativa 17", svi BB psi bi bili ubijeni, a vrlo je verovatno da CNR ne bi nikada zaživeo u Beogradu. Borba je bila strašna i iznurujuća, kao i svaka u ovoj zemlji za životinje, nadležni su varali, lagali, pogrešne adrese upisivali sa kojih su hvatani psi, strahovitu medijsku hajku sprovodili, uveličavali broj pasa na ulicama i u jednom trenutku zabranili preuzimanja pasa iz Ovče, što je značilo potpuno likvidaciju pasa, ali i CNR-a u Beogradu.

Tada je "Evropska inicijativa 17" donela odluku da organizuje protestni miting u Beogradu, 13. decembra 2003, u 12,00 na Trgu Republike, uoči samih izbora, a za pravo pasa na život i skidanja embarga sa preuzimanja pasa iz Ovče. Na mitingu je bilo preko 700 ljudi, Grad je malo ustuknuo, ipak, ali borba se nastavila žestoko sve do kraja 2004. kada je pritisak Grada popustio i kada smo uspeli da se CNR psi, kao sterilisani i miroljubivi, uvažavaju i ne hvataju, što se manje ili više poštovalo od 2005. do 2008. To je jedini period relativnog mira, prijave protiv pasa su se upućivala nama radi provere, mada, opasnost da budemo prevareni uvek je vrebala. No, zahvaljujući svemu tome, brojni psi, ne samo BB, imali su priliku da dožive zaista duboku starost iako se tada vršila eutanazija.

Zar sličnost po mnogo čemu sa sadašnjim trenutkom nije očigledna? Izgleda da je na svima nama da se stalno borimo protiv gradskih čelnika i njihove politike koja nikada nije bila u opštem interesu: pa zar je to normalno?

Postavlja se pitanje gde bismo danas bili da Beograd nije ubio ni jednog jedinog CNR psa kao nosioca rešenja problema i smanjenja populacije pasa na ulicama?

Beograd je specifičan i po tome što se razvio za ovih devet godina pokret i navika kod velikog broja građana da svojim sredstvima, ne samo brinu o tim psima, već i sami da ih sterilišu i leče, što ne postoji ni u jednom drugom gradu u Srbiji.

Svih ovih deset godina Beograd je sprovodio sistem CNR, ali kao političku odluku (donetu 2002, zatim potvrđenu 2006. pokojni Gradonačelnik Bogdanović), a koju nikada nije pravno potvrdio usvajanjanjem odgovarajuće gradske odluke. Sve te godine naš položaj, svih nas koji brinemo o njima, bio je diskriminatorski jer smo navedeni i dovedeni u zabludu da treba to da činimo, uz stalnu bojazan da će samo jednoj osobi, od desetina koje dnevno prođu, taj pas „zasmetati“, te bi se jednim potezom naš trud i emocije poništavale, a bez ikakvog osnova i cilja. Toliko se angažovati i ulagati sopstvenih sredstava, a nemati niti jedno pravo i živeti u stalnom strahu je ne samo najgrublja diskriminacija, već i zloupotreba nas ljudi.

U proteklom periodu (od 2002) sam Grad je sterilisao, ali posle je ubijao te iste pse iako nikog nisu dirali, s toga smatramo da su psi kako u Beogradu, tako u celoj Srbiji, uvek služili nekim partikularnim interesima nosilaca izvršne vlasti i nezakonitoj zaradi lokalnih samouprava koje niko nikada nije kontrolisao.

Iako smo izdržali tolike godine muke i diskriminacije i uprkos obećanju nove gradske vlasti (2008) da će CNR pravno potvrditi, ona se odvažila na do sada najveći masovni zločin prema psima, a putem najperfidnije prevare jer je najpromišljenija i ostvaruje se veoma postupno, a u suprotnosti je ne samo sa Zakonom o dobrobiti životinja, već i drugim zakonima Republike Srbije! Naime, Grad se opredelio za postupnu likividaciju pasa, ali na način da to ne izgleda tako u javnosti: izgradio je, u sred ekonomske krize i bez ikakvog objektinog razloga jer je procenat ujedljivosti uličnih pasa zanemarljiv na godišnjem nivou prema broju stanovnika i pasa na ulicama (za 2009. 0,09%, za 2010. 0,11%), što je znatno manje nego u zemljama koje nemaju pse na ulici, i sa postojećim CNR-om koji funkcioniše, azile za 3000 pasa, samo u jednom će biti preko 1000 pasa, a u planu je izgradnja novih!

Nije nam poznato da se ijedna zemlja u novije vreme i to na evropskom kontinentu usudila da izdržava hiljade pasa smeštenih na jednom mestu jer je u svetu poznato da je to najstrašnije mučenje i tiho umiranje pasa na odloženo, što se već masovno dešava, ali daleko od očiju javnosti.

Takva odluka je prikazana u neupućenoj javnosti kao vrlo „humana“, jer se niko ne razume u materiju, a nama je uskraćeno zakonsko pravo da se javnosti obratimo jer medijska blokada je neprobojna. Ovakav potez Grada je protivan Zakonu o dobrobiti životinja: dobrobit pasa se ne može obezbediti u takvim uslovima, pravilnici o azilima, kao i o obuci kadrova iz dobrobiti koji rade sa psima – nisu bili ni doneti, u odluci nisu učestovala NVO, čak ni Program nije usvojen po članu 54. Zakona o dobrobiti životinja i tako redom, a vrhunac je što gradska vlast u medijima potencira da je sve to po evropskim standardima?!

Zavedena je prava diktatura: uvedene su dve smene šintera, a da javnost to ne zna, psi se odvode bez ikakvih kriterijuma, čak ne postoji ni pisana odlika da se odvode svi psi do popunjavanja kapaciteta, zabranjen je ulaz svima, čak i NVO u azil u Resniku, na dopise ne odgovaraju, rukovodećem kadru javnog preduzeća „Veterina Beograd“ je zabranjeno da komunicira: niko nema uvid, a naravno, niko ih ne kontroliše, niti bilo kome polažu račun! A poređenja radi, od 2006. godine, iako takva zakonska obaveza apsolutno nije postojala, bilo je omogućeno udruženjima da imaju svoje posmatrače u Ovči.

Vrhunac licemerstva Grada je što 21. septembra 2011. usvojio Strategiju u kojoj se obavezao da će legalizovati CNR, dok ga u praksi brutalno ruši! Naravno, daleko od očiju javnosti, i to koristeći najstrašnije metode: emotivnu i finansijsku ucenu zaštitinika pasa, uključujući i NVO, prinudu i pretnju! Puštanje uličnog psa uslovljavaju „udomljavanjem“, tj. prinudnim potpisivanjem ugovora o udomljenju i pretnjom starateljima kaznom za napuštanje od 50.000 dinara ako ga vrate na ulicu; a ulične pse koje je sam Grad čipovao na njihove zaštitnike ranije, tretiraju kao „vlasničke“ i bez trunke savesti osiromašenim građanima naplaćuju 5500 dinara po psu ulov i 460 dinara po danu boravka! Grad brutalno uklanja sve administrativne tragove sopstvenog CNR jer je sam do nedavno, sprovodio CNR, ali to radi na isključivu štetu građana, još zarađujući na njima (?!) Ovo je zaista PRESEDAN i ma koliko da smo svih prethodnih godina bili varani od strane gradskih predstavnika, ovakvo pravno nasilje, obespravljenost, pa još nas da pljačkaju, zaista - nikada nismo imali!

Kako sme lokalna vlast Demokratske stranke (DS) koja se u srpskoj javnosti i pred strancima predstavlja kao jedina politička snaga evropskog puta Srbije i da je Srbiji obezbedila status kandidata za članstvoEU da se tako ponaša?! Pravno nasilje, ucene, pretnje i iznuda novca, svakako nisu demokratske vrednosti, a kamoli evropske!

CNR – objektivno – kao prelazno rešenje nema alternativu u Beogradu i ako se radi u opštem interesu – građana. CNR je jedino isplativ i održiv za Grad jer nema nikakvih troškova, pošto NVO i drugi samostalni zaštitnici brinu o psima i jedini kroz proces donosi smanjenje populacije pasa, a mi smo na dohvat toga jer se psi godinama sterilišu u Beogradu, te je u poslednje vreme primetno opadanje priliva novih pasa. Pomenutim potezom Grada uništava se ogromna dugodišnja finansijska i ljudska investicija i vraćamo se na NULU: kao da nikada niko u Beogradu nije radio na rešenju problema, što ne sme da se dozvoli!

Kao što je Beograd 2003. hteo da svojim neodgovornim potezom poništi veliku investiciju, materijalnu i nematerijalnu, pa je OTPOROM sprečen u tome, nažalost, i danas, 2012, čini isto i maltene je već uspeo u tome, te se postavlja pitanje dokle ćemo mi da dozvoljavamo da neozbiljni i nestručni stranački kadrovi ne rade posao za koji primaju platu od novca poreskih obveznika, a to je rad na uzroku, tj. na samom sistemu, a dotle će psi i mi stalno stradati, pod izgovorom da "imaju problem", te "moraju" ovo ili ono, a zapravo su JEDINI KRIVCI UPRAVO ONI SAMI!

Verujemo da je ovakva vaninstitucionalna„odluka“ Grada izborno motivisana jer činom sklanjanja pasa sa ulica, hvaljenjem u medijima da su „udomili“ brojne pse i „kaznili“ nesavesne vlasnike, žele se prikazati kao da „rešavaju“ problem, a zapravo su smislili da za sve prethodno podmetnu CNR pse i njihove zaštitnike koje su ucenili, a pravi krivci (nesavesni vlasnici) biće ovog puta opet zaobiđeni! Ovako nešto nikada nije bilo!

No, istina je upravo obrnuta: u situaciji gde ne postoji ni jedan jedini instrument za primenu Zakona o dobrobiti, samim tim ni za sprečavanje uzroka pojave pasa na ulicama, a to je njihovo napuštanje, nikako nije u interesu rešenja problema da se CNR psi sklanjaju, ali ni bezbednosti građana jer će na njihova mesta ubrzo doći novi, neodrađeni i nesocijalizovani koji ih možda mogu ugroziti! Verujemo da je plan da se na mesta uginulih pasa u azilima, što je već počelo, stalno privode novi, tako da će Beograd ubijati, ali lagano, pa se to neće tako ni zvati!

Srpsko društvo je ophrvano nasiljem, a nasilje prema životinjama ne samo da se toleriše, već se i podstiče putem medija pozivom na linč pasa tako da je dostiglo neizdržive dimenzije. Psi se živi sakate, pale, trovanje pasa je masovno i postalo je društveni problem broj 1, ali gradsku vlast to ne interesuje, kao ni to što građani otrovnim supstancama slobodno barataju kao da su bombone u pitanju, što ne postoji ni u jednoj iole civilizovanoj i uređenoj državi. Iako su zakoni odlični, niko, ali niko, uključujući policiju i tužilaštvo, neće da postupa po njima ako se radi o psu. Čak neće da reaguju ni na nasilje prema ljudima ukoliko je neki pas posredi?! U centru Beograda psi umiru na terasama od zanemarivanja i izgladnjivanja i niko neće da reaguje?! Ako ovakvo postupanje nadležnih organa i institucija liči na EU – mi nemamo ni komentar!

Iz saopštenja koja nisu objavljenja se vidi da se svi zakoni flagrantno krše i da kada su psi u pitanju, ne samo ulični, svima je sve dozvoljeno: da ih slobodno ubijaju (iako je to krivično delo), da ih sakate, muče, novinari da lažu i nikom ništa! Pas, ulični ili vlasnički, kao i ljudi koji stoje iza njega, najprogonjeniji su u ovome društvu, te se pitamo ima li Srbija prečih problema i kako je to moguće u zemlji koja je usvojila Zakon o zabrani diskriminacije i koja je dobila status kandidata za članstvo u EU?

Mi ne možemo više da izdržimo da Grad radi šta hoće sa nama i sa psima umesto da radi ono što mu je zakonska dužnost i za šta prima platu iz budžeta. Pse koje bi trebalo da kupi, ostavlja nama, a kupi one koje ne bi smeo! Nemoć i potpuna obespravljenost kojoj smo izloženi više je neizdrživa i pitamo se dokle ćemo svi mi biti taoci neposobnih i nezainteresovanih ljudi?

Iz svega prethodnog se neminovno da zaključiti da jedini krivci za višedecenijsko kontinuirano stradanje pasa jesu jedino nadležni jer svojim nečinjenjem i ne radeći na uzroku izlažu ih takvoj sudbini, a onda ih stalno koriste u neke svoje svrhe i interese!

Evropska inicijativa 17

16 April, 2012

Kako Veterina Beograd naplaćuje starateljima uličnih pasa za svakog uhvaćenog psa

Evo kako Veterina Beograd naplaćuje starateljima uličnih pasa koji su čipovani na te staratelje iako je Gradonačelnikov kabinet u odgovoru datom na pitanja građana postavljena u Novostima rekao da će u praksi biti tretirani kao staratelji uličnih pasa i zahvalio im je na svemu što rade i što pomažu gradu. A onda smo preko noći i neočekivano postali ne samo "nesavesni vlasnici", "lažni humanisti" (" ljudi koji se predstavljaju kao ljubitelji i zaštitnici pasa, a zapravo su lažni humanisti", "Lažno dobročinstvo ovih pojedinaca predstavlja zapravo primer neodgovornog vlasništva koji je glavni izvor problema velikog broja napuštenih pasa na ulicama" – saopštenje Grada) i neprijatelji sa kojima se treba obračunati koristeći sva sredstva (emotivna ucena, finansijska iznuda, zastrašivanje, pretnje prijavom za napuštanje i njihova realizacija).

Povrh svega, u svom Planu hitnih mera sa akcionim planovima za rešavanje problema nevlasničkih pasa potvrdili su postojanje lažne evidencije, tj. postojanja uličnih pasa koji su registrovani na građane (staratelje) i na udruženja, gde su se obavezali da će taj problem rešiti, a vidimo kako su ga "rešili"!

Priznanica za ulov psa11122


Samo smo sklonili ime staratelja, datum, broj vozila i broj priznanice. Ostalo nisu ni popunjavali. I kao što vidite, pečata nema!

15 April, 2012

Postupanje Veterine Beograd i Hitne pomoći za životinje – slučaj Mićko (pismo ljudi koji su brinuli o Mićku)

Prvi dan, tj. petak veče kada je Mićko udaren

Šetali smo se po kraju i videli Mićka kako leži na travi i kako mu se tresu šape. Oko njega su bila dva čoveka koja su sve videla i prišla da pomognu psu. Posle su se skupili neki ljudi koji brinu o njemu, odmah smo pozvali veterinara da mu da prvu pomoć. Odneli smo ga u ambulantu, veterinar mu je dao infuziju, glukozu i morfijum, nije mogao ništa više jer je Mićko bio čipovan na grad.

Zvali smo nekoliko veterinara i svi su rekli da ne smeju da rade sa lutalicama i da zovemo Veterinu Beograd, da su oni nadležni za takve slučajeve....  Čovek koji se našao tu kada je Mićko udaren ponudio nam je privremeni smeštaj za Mićka na njegovoj terasi... Opet smo zvali razne veterinare i ništa, svi su samo pričali o nekim sumama, a niko nije hteo da pomogne...

Drugi dan se Veterina Beograd odazvala i rekla da će doći po Mićka, jer tad nismo imali drugo rešenje za njega, pod hitno je morao da dobije pomoć. Došli su po njega, i rekli da ce napraviti dijagnozu, da možemo da zovemo i proveravamo njegovo stanje, kao i da možemo doći da ga posetimo i da će nam vratiti psa odakle su ga i uzeli.

Sledećih nekoliko dana smo svi stalno zivkali i raspitivali se za Mićka. Rekli su nam da ima svu negu, hranu i da su napravili rendgenski snimak i da mu je pukla karlica i iskočilo 2 pršljena...

Nakon par dana otišli smo da posetimo Mićka... Mićko je bio napolju, ležao je na zemlji, rana od udarca mu je bila još u gorem stanju, tj. on je delovao gore nego dan posle udarca. Mićku koji je imao dobar apetit davali su infuziju, bez razloga, jer je pas lepo jeo i pio vodu. Tada nam je veterinarka Bojana iz Hitne rekla da moramo uzeti psa (tj. da moramo da ga usvojimo da bi nam ga vratili) ili ga oni sledeći dan šalju u Ovču iako su ovećali da će biti vraćen nama. Kada smo rekli neke informacije ovima iz hitne koje smo dobili od drugih veterinara, Bojana nam je rekla da se ne pravimo pametni jer u hitnoj Beograd ima tim od 30 „stručnjaka“ i da oni znaju šta rade.

Sledeći dan smo došli po Mićka sa čovekom koji ga je čipovao na sebe da bi nam dali psa jer drugačije nije moglo.

Zahtevali smo da nam daju snimke da bi ih odneli drugom veterinaru. Tu je ispao problem, jer veterinar koji je tad bio tu nije znao da li to sme da uradi, morao je da zove direktora da se raspita da li to sme da uradi.

Onda je ispao problem oko vakcine prilikom usvajanja. Mi smo lepo rekli da pas ne sme da primi vakcinu protiv besnila dok je na terapiji, ali on opet nije znao šta da radi pa je opet zvao direktora. Zatim je rekao da ge neće vakcinisati, ali da moramo da potpišemo da ćemo ga mi nakon terapije vakcinisati.

Tokom popunjavanja formulara i pasoša o usvajanju, devojka koja je to radila po njegovom diktiranju, nekoliko je puta stornirala dokumente i popunjavala ih ponovo jer on opet nije znao sta se gde popunjava, a ona pogotovo, te su nas zadržali pola sata više...

Kad su nam nakon toga izneli psa, dovele su ga dve devojke iz hitne, noseći ga kao džak i ispustila na zadnje šape iako je znala da pas ne može da stane na zadnje šape, a kad smo mi rekli sta to rade, veterinar je rekao: „Kakve veze ima, već je on dovoljno povređen“!

Po njihovoj dijagnozi pas ima slomljenu karlicu i iskočena dva pršljena na zadnjem delu, bez većih preloma kičme.

Na snimcima koje smo dobili čak se ni to nije poklapalo, karlica je potpuno zdrava, a ti iskočeni pršljenovi se i ne vide. Ne znamo da li su to stvarno njegovi snimci, jer se priče ne poklapaju. Odmah smo ga odveli kod veterinara Vlade Antića da ga opet snime i da nam da dijagnozu. Ispalo je da ti iskočeni pršljenovi ne postoje, da je karlica cela, a da je kičma prelomljena, i to na gornjem delu!!!

Nije mi jasno sta je Veterina Beograd radila šest dana ako je dijagnoza bila potpuno pogrešna, rane u još gorem stanju i davana infuzija bez razloga.

Nakon nekoliko dana zvala je veterinarka Bojana iz hitne da se kao raspituje kako je Mićko.

Eto toliko o Mićkovom slučaju u vezi sa radom i „humanosti“ Veterine Beograd.

Zbog svega toga je operacija kasno omogućena, iako je trebala da bude odmah nakon nesreće.

Mićku, tj. njegovom telu i njegovom imunitetu nije operacija pomogla da preživi jer je Mićko toliko dana pre toga bio iscrpljen. A na operaciju smo pristali jer mu je to bila poslednja šansa koju nismo želeli da propustimo.





12 April, 2012

Gostovanje Danice Drobac, predsednika EI17, na Radio Fokusu

"Mi smo diskriminisani... Meni dođe da pitam gospodina Gradonačelnika da li je on gradonačelnik svih Beograđana ili samo pojedinih pošto je nas pregazio!"

Prvi deo

Drugi deo

Osveta i obračun Grada sa EI 17, starateljskom organizacijom uličnih pasa

Zloupotrebom organa državne uprave i selektivnom primenom Zakona o dobrobiti životinja, danas smo primili 11 rešenja o privremenom oduzimanju pasa čipovanih na EI 17 od Uprave za veterinu zbog kršenja Zakona o dobrobiti?! Veterina Beograd nije nas obavestila ni o jednom hvatanju naših pasa, iako joj je to bila zakonska obaveza, a pošto su dužni da nam ih vrate po članu 65, "odlučili" su da nas optuže za kršenje zakona, koji upravo oni krše, da nam pse ne bi vratili!

Zastrašujuće je dokle idu i na šta su sve spremni da unište one koji im stoje na putu ostvarenja njihovih ciljeva, umesto da se bave uzrokom problema pojave pasa na ulicama! Mi koji negujemo te pse kršimo Zakon o dobrobiti, a oni kod kojih ti psi umiru i pate - ne krše ga?!

08 April, 2012

PROTEST zbog nezapamćene represivne politike gradske vlasti prema psima, njihovog progona i patnje širokih razmera ljudi i pasa!

U subotu 21. aprila 2012. u 14h dođite ispred Skupštine Grada Beograda i podržite PROTEST zbog nezapamćene represivne politike gradske vlasti prema psima, njihovog progona i patnje širokih razmera ljudi i pasa!

Pozivamo sve koji su potrešeni ovim događanjima (NVO, samostalne aktiviste i sve druge ljbitelje pasa) da nam se pridruže!

Pažnja: molimo sve da dođu obučeni u crno zbog žalosti za svakim izgubljenim i otetim psom!

Dodatne informacije na www.evropskainicijativa17.​blogspot.com
063 8402 643



07 April, 2012

Pismo podrške Evropske inicijative 17 protestu KD "Šapa" zbog takse od 30.000 za "opasne" rase pasa

Bograd, 06. aprila 2012.
U predvečerje samog Protesta koji organizujete zbog Odluke gradske vlasti o naplati takse na „opasne“ pse ovim putem izražavamo, ne samo punu podršku vašoj legitimnoj borbi za njeno ukidanje, već i bezrezervnu solidarnost u ovome trenutku kada su vaši psi ozbiljno ugroženi.

Smatramo da je taksa nezakonita, nemoralna, nepravedna i izraz, do sada, najgrublje diskrimacije prema određenim rasama pasa.

U društvu koje je oprhvano nemaštinom ogromne većine građana Srbije, tražiti izgovore za njeno uvođenje pozivajući se na visokorazvijene zapadne zemlje, u najmanju ruku je izraz beskrajne licemernosti, ne samo zbog visokog životnog standarda u tim zemljama, već i zbog njihovog stepena uređenosti naspram našeg. Osim toga, takse na kućne ljubimce u većini zemalja EU ni ne postoje!

U svakom društvo i u svim sferama života postoje pojedinci čije nedopustivo ponašanje preti ili ugrožava druge. Međutim, po svim istraživanjima u svetu, takvi ne prelaze 20% od ukupnog broja stanovnika, te se postavlja pitanje zašto i s kojim pravom neko može da sankcioniše svih 100%?

Taksa ne može da reši ni jedan jedini problem, niti može biti zamena za izostanak ozbiljnog rada na uvođenju mehanizama u sistem koji će delovati ne samo preventivno, već i suzbiti pojavu neodgovornog ponašanja pojedinaca koji svakako moraju odgovarati za svoje činjenje.

Imajući u vidu da po isteku uskoro punih sedam godina od propisivanja obaveze obeležavanja pasa (po Zakonu o veterinarstvu iz 2005) nadležni organi i institucije ove zemlje nisu ni pokušali sistemski da se postaraju da se ta obaveza ispuni, prinuđeni smo da zaključimo da se uvođenjem takse, zapravo, sankcionišu savesni vlasnici. Nadležni nisu čak ni uočili ozbiljan propust pomenutog Zakona, a to je nepostojanje propisane kazne za neobeležavanje, što svedoči o njihovoj potpunoj nezinteresovanosti, a primaju platu iz budžeta za taj posao! Ova okolnost čine taksu potpuno deplasiranom i ukazuje na jedini razlog za njeno uvođenje, a to je dodatno prihodovanje Grada na račun odveć osiromašenih građana.

Dakle, u društvo koje čak ni nema zaokruženi sistem za praćenje i kontrolu sektora, samim tim ni mehanizme za suzbijanje napuštanja pasa, zbog čega se kontinuirano suočava sa prekobrojnom populacijom pasa, a na čijem rešenju ni ne radi, vrlo je neodgovorno donositi mere koje direktno podstiču nova napuštanja pasa, što svakako nije u opštem interesu, tj. građana, a posebno „opasnih“ rasa, iako se i takvi potezi gradske uprave pokušavaju prikazati kao politika koja je u „interesu“ građana i njihove bezbednosti što se kontinuirano apostrofira u medijskim istupima.

Konačno, pas i mačka su kućni ljubimci, kao takvi ne mogu poslužiti u lukrativne svrhe, te je duboko nepravedno i diskriminatorski da gradske strukture prihoduju na nečijoj ljubavi prema životinjama!

Odgovorna vlast bi, imajući u vidu prethodno izneto i broj napuštenih pasa, stimulisala savesne vlasnike da u tome istraju i podsticala bi udomljavanje svim sredstvima, zašto da ne i poreskim i drugim olakšicama za svaku udomljenu napuštenu životinju umesto što celokupnom svojom politikom dramatično pogoršava stanje koje je zatekla zbog nesposobnosti da sagleda posledice svoje politike, ili joj čak nije ni stalo?

Do pobede i ukidanja takse!
Predsednik EI 17
Danica Drobac