01 May, 2012

How “Veterina Beograd” charges street dog guardians for every captured dog

This is how “Veterina Beograd” (Veterinary Institution responsible for the affairs of public zoo hygiene in Belgrade), i.e. fleecers charges dog guardians for captured dogs that have been micro-chipped on their names, even after the Mayor’s office in their response to the question in the newspaper “Novosti” said that the guardians will be treated as street dogs care givers and thanked them for everything they were doing in helping the City. And then, overnight and unexpectedly, we became not only “unscrupulous owners", "false humanists" ("people who present themselves as protectors and dog lovers are in fact are false humanists", “the phony benevolence of these individuals is the main source of the problem of a large number of abandoned dogs on the streets” – all these  quotes are from the official City statement) but also enemies that need to be dealt with using all resources (emotional blackmail, financial extortion, intimidation, threats of legal action for abandonment and its implementation).

On top of that, in their Plan of urgent measures with action plans to solve the problem of the street dogs, they confirmed the presence of false evidence - the existence of street dogs that are registered on guardians and dog protection associations, which they committed themselves to solve, but we can see how they “solved” it!



We blocked the guardian’s name, date, vehicle number and a receipt number. But the rest has not been filled out by the dog catcher and there is no official City seal!